Sunday, 9 September 2007

Name That Planet!

I'm writing a new novel with the working title "The Saga of the Seven Planets". The first planet is called Monday, and our hero and heroine escape from slavery there to go on an epic journey. As you've noticed, there are seven planets in total.

The planets are based roughly on the seven days of Creation in Genesis, but I don't want to name them all after days of the week - the analogy falls down at some point.

So can you help me?

Here's a list of the planets and their individual qualities:
1 - Monday; cloud-covered, chilly, only day and night, slave planet
2 - Airless rock, our heroes stop here for a short time to rest - doesn't necessarily need a name
3 - Oceania, air and water, no land masses

Here are the ones I really need help with:
4 - Plant life, tropical forest, loads of fruit; here our heroes meet the villain, who nearly keeps them from travelling on
5 - Like 4, but with birds and fish; here our heroes fight with temptation and nearly have an immoral scene
6 - Highly refined culture and technology; various races and cities with different characteristics; here our heroes visit many places and learn about racial diversity
7 - a holy planet, visited often by pilgrims from 6. Home of the Great King who sent our heroes on the journey.

So get your thinking caps on! The best suggestions will win either a Faith Awakened mousepad, or a Faith Awakened soundtrack CD.
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