Saturday, 5 January 2008

Time Masters by Geralyn Beauchamp - Book 1 "The Call"

When I first read this book's description, I thought it reminded me a little of Doctor Who. Timelords, Time Masters, sound kind of similar? Sure.

The comparison may stand, but you'll need to add a few random elements to the mix. A fierce Highlander, a dozen cats, a grinning African, several worried chaperones, chocolate chip cookies, an antique weapons shop, an alien race, a gruesomely evil villain and his clueless hirelings, and a plentiful supply of cliffhanger climaxes. And that's not even the half of it.

You will need to be fairly tolerant of grammar and sentence structure best described as "original". However, this is certainly part of the author's effervescent style, even if it tends towards chaos at times. The rambunctious storyline is so ''out there" that its daring expressiveness is just one more aspect to leave you shaking your head in disbelief. But dinna fash yerself - the writing style is certainly vivid and gripping, including a particularly evocative rendering of the hero's Scottish dialect. Good job!

The plot will keep you on your toes for sure. You can sense how the author must have had an exciting time writing it. There are many scenes that are curiously poignant, and many profound allegorical images of things like justice, sex, music, faith. But the deepest comments are those regarding the state of being in love, being intended for the other, giving your heart away, and finally sharing one heart. All this across the breadth of three time periods - a distant past, an even more distant future, and one something like our present day.

A zany mix of cliches and genres, often hilarious, quite possibly the wildest journey of your life, aud certainly anything but predictable. If you are able to turn a blind eye to a few anomalies, I think you'll enjoy this rip-roaring tale very much indeed.

Grace Bridges, reporting from a library in Northern Ireland :)
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