Monday, 4 August 2008

The Great Live Dundalk Interview: Darryl Sloan and Grace Bridges

Yes folks - here it is! have fun... each part is about 15 minutes long.

If the player above won't work for you, click here to download the MP3's directly. You may wish to right-click the links on that page and select Save Target As / Save Link As - to save the file to a location of your choice.

Visit Darryl's website

Check out these member blogs Aug. 3-9 for more info.


cathikin said...

This is SO COOL!!! I loved listening to the two of you. Yes, Grace, you DO have an accent. (I don't, of course ;) ). I learned a great deal about both of you from listening to this. Darryl is an interesting guy. You are both kidn of Renaissance types, eclectic dabblers in all the arts.

David said...

I confess to not having listened to the interview yet, but I have downloaded parts 1-3 (I'll get 4 tomorrow). From the snippets I've heard it sounds like a great time, more than just an interview. Thanks. Of course you guys were probably more blessed than we will be. Still I appreciate you sharing this with us.