Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Leaps of Faith: My Review

I read this book ensconced in a cosy Amtrak seat on the way to North Dakota to meet Karina just in time for her blog tour - it couldn't have been planned more perfectly. So while various joints and muscles vibrated to numbness, fellow passengers snored, and scarlet foliage and snowstorms whipped by my window, my mind was anything but asleep... Again and again I have marvelled at the creativity of the imaginations behind the far-flung worlds contained within these pages.

Topics covered include android rights, what happens to faith when God's existence is scientifically proven, another about science's utter failure to grasp God at all, the wonderful convolution of time travel attempts by an ancient seeker and a future Pope - in two different stories, mind you - the awful truth behind Trek-style matter transporters followed by a complementary tale of the only way to survive death. An alien convert wishes to marry a Catholic. And what if there were a planet of angels?

High Hopes, a space survival tale, is astonishing for the ambiguity and hopefulness of its conclusion. And we celebrate the return of the nuns in space, familiar from Karina and Robert's other anthology "Infinite Space, Infinite God."

Lots of surprises here. I've commented on some of the stories that lingered in my memory. There's far more to this book than I've been able to mention here. Do yourself a favour and let these unusual stories expand the horizons of your soul.

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