Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Random Wednesday Poetry

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coming of the night

the evening shade slips across the gentle hills
the higglety-pigglety houses, the treetops
the skyscrapers
the volcanos

each place the sun rests its final kiss
is set aglow in golden tones
before the darkness creeps in
and the sea takes on its night hue

russet shining grasslands
on the islands
deepening texture of the forest
now touched by the fingers of the dusk

eastern clouds reflect the sunset glory
wisps of pink in an apricot sky
wink! the sun reflects from an apartment block window
before the shadow consumes the thirtieth floor

lights blink on across the city
the sky is still red and grey
matching the oak tree’s leaves and bark
as day surrenders to blissful rest

and inside, the lamps go on
work goes on as soft rain appears
the cat’s whiskers twitch in her tight curled sleep
and home is a wonderful place to be.

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