Thursday, 21 July 2011

Virtual Glue

Virtual glue is a term that's come up in my conversations quite a bit lately, in connection with creating a full book manuscript out of 26 different story files and I think about ten edit files, too. To say nothing of the contributor pages which have to be filled in with author photos and bios and book blurbs and cover images and links and ISBNs. I have often felt like I'm all gummed up with virtual glue all over my hands from all the copy-pasting.

But it will be worth it. Aquasynthesis has been an awesome project to work on, and the end result is shining through the disparate parts. It's going to be great.

Meanwhile, the blog I've left up for days now is this one: - lots of wisdom in there. I guess I left it open in the hope that some of it would stick in my head. No, I don't leave my computer on all the time - it hibernates overnight, retaining my working windows and tabs. I hate it when I have to restart for updates or program crashes, but who doesn't hate that? Oh well. A reboot is healthy now and then, same as for people :)
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