Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Devil's Hit List by Frank Creed

Splashdown's first new release for October is here!
Check out this excerpt...


The three of us entered the three-story catwalk ringed room.
One of the two figures on the first floor looked up at us, and then exited the room.
“Uh, guys, you may want to hurry,” I said.
“Okay. It will be in this batch,” said Tom.
As he swapped out e-girl’s case of trays, she put a hand on each and closed her eyes a moment, searching for the circuit board. Then she nodded. “Yep, it’s in this one.”
They swapped out my case with miscellaneous boards as well. It was not necessary, but as long as my sister insisted on having me along, it would make Enertech’s lab technicians guess harder at what we had really been after.
The door through which we had entered clicked open. The man who entered wore a rumpled suit and had to be security. His clothing bulged in all the right places for concealed weapons—including at his shoulders that could, by-the-way, bench-press a Buick. “Hi, Tom, how’s it hangin’? Some of the boards we need today were among the ones that cycled up here. Could you check…” His eyes fixed on me and widened slightly.
I’d only once been recognized by a stranger before, and for this, inside a MegaCorp Ancology, to be the first time on an op? It made my head hurt. My body relinquished control to my mindware, and I slipped into overdrive. With a thought I drew one I. M. I. nine millimeter Baby Eagle from a Quick Draw holster, and splattered a tranq on his forehead. With reformed speed I rushed to the sec-man and eased him to a seated position before he could collapse on the catwalk and alert his two friends below.
Control of my body ebbed back to me. Without a word I walked to my case and closed it.
“Even if we weren’t done, we’re done,” said e-girl. Without waiting for Tom to lead the way, she opened the door, stepped into the hallway and dragged her case as quickly as she could to the elevator.
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