Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Of Germans and UFO's

The video below is in German so I'm going to try and explain it.
I wanted to interview all the mountain climbers, but I didn't know what to ask them. Then I opened up the ever-present writer's notebook and found a half-finished story. What could be better than asking them for help with my UFO story?

So I told them what happened already:
Two people are sitting in a restaurant, when suddenly a blue light hovers outside the window. What happens next?

Most explained that it wasn't really a UFO - it was an ambulance, or a bike tail-light, or a lamp. One girl said that little green men got out and served up cake from Mars, and one guy said that the spaceship's captain just got out and introduced himself. Perhaps you'll catch his mime if you watch carefully.

So the general consensus is... Germans don't believe in UFO's. But at least we had some fun finding out. Enjoy the scenery!

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