Sunday, 4 November 2007

Faith Awakened Blog Tour begins!

This week it is my great honour to have my book featured at the Christian Fiction Review Blog tour! Already, comments are popping up all over the Web. I'm going to try and collect links to them all here - If I've missed yours, just let me know and I'll add it...

David's Day 1 Comment at CFRB

Caprice Hokstad's blog

Cathi Hassan's blog

Carole McDonnell's blog

AND... the big surprise of the day... Faith Awakened has appeared at Amazon!
Here's the link:

This is actually a real miracle as we had a few glitches in the publishing process during October, and yet it has appeared at the planned time.

It's not too late to take part. You can download the e-book free from - if you write an original review (at least 200 words) and post it, I will send you a free copy of the book! Or a T-shirt, mousepad, soundtrack CD... whichever you prefer.

I'm greatly looking forward to the rest of the week with you all! Hugs all round :)
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