Friday, 12 September 2008

The CFRB Tours COME TO ME by Laura Davis

This is the story of Jesus as told by his mother Mary to Luke, the doctor. It has a cozy, homey feel for much of the book, and I would recommend it for reading to children, of course with appropriate parental guidance through the crucifixion part. Lots of the action is taken directly from the Bible, with extra touches of colours and settings to bring it to life and put a more realistic and human flavour into the old stories known so well by so many. It is written simply so that even people who don't normally read books would be likely to enjoy it.

There are snatches of fun in unexpected places, such as the idea that Jesus was a practical joker and loved to play tricks on people and laugh. Nothing mean, of course! The scenes surrounding the resurrection are of particular interest as Laura has written Mary's experience of those times for us to travel through with her.

Laura has worked very hard on this and is very brave to step out alone in publishing a novel based on a story that's already gone around the globe. But I ask, can there ever be too many stories about Jesus? I doubt it. He is universal after all, with his message for all the world. I truly hope this novel will help people to understand Jesus better and love him for who he really is.

Please go to her website and read the first chapter at to discover if this book whets your appetite for more!

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