Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cyberdublin: get ready, here it comes!

Welcome to Cyberdublin, where the hyperserver Oodles presides over all of society. But when its central brain falls prey to sabotage, Ireland spins towards chaos. In County Dublin, the heart of the fallen cyberworld, an orphan dreamer and her housemates face a reality far less virtual than they're used to, while unwittingly entangling themselves with the saboteurs...

In this story there are six different viewpoints. The image below shows their distribution.

Rachel - blue - main character.
Talitha - pink - also main.
Cormac - yellow - the villain.
Aqua, brown and red are for Bethany, Zehrani and Louise, who live in the house with Rach and Tali.

All of them are in third-person except the villain, who is in first. This was so much fun to write! There was never any time to get bored...

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