Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cyberdublin: Getting Closer

Hey folks! I just finished a rewrite of Cyberdublin, so it's ready to be unleashed on any who declare themselves willing critiquers! It's short - under 55k - and I'm gearing up to critique something of yours in exchange. Rapid reviews to in-depth comments, anything is welcome.

Here's the blurb, in case you need it:
Oodles rules the world. But when its global hyperweb network falls prey to sabotage, society spins towards chaos. In Dublin, the heart of the fallen cyberworld, an orphan rebel and her housemates face a reality far less virtual than they're used to.
(Comedic pre-apocalyptic social sci-fi)

I had some thoughts about a cover design and you can see my first concept here:

Unfortunately I coloured it with pastels which are not the best for detail work. You might make out the satellite at the top, the twin chimneys of Dublin's skyline, my futuristic high-altitude monorail, the villain with the data chip and the book, plus the girls - one with a motorbike, another with a cat, and also one with high-heels, though you really can't see them! Ah well. I quite like the text at least. Any comments on the design? How does it hit you?
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