Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Making a Splash or Making you Think

Hi guys,
As many of you know I plan on setting up a small publishing house this year, initially for my own work, but spreading to include more sci-fi by other authors, and maybe some fantasy.

I've been thinking about what to call it and I've come up with two options. Would you give me your opinions?

Splashdown - Suits a space travel/sci-fi theme, plus I want to recall that wonderful sensation you get when diving into water. That's the kind of pleasurable shock and freshness I want to give my readers!

Thinkgrace - Attached to the tagline "Need something? Thinkgrace." Particularly suited to a hoped-for expansion of my business to include web design, computer tuition, possibly a bookstore, and various technical improvisations. If it ever happens, lol!

There are dotcoms available on both names, but only if
they're hyphenated: splash-down, think-grace. is also
available as are and

Comments? Tell me what you think.
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