Thursday, 17 December 2015

Walk 7 - Bayview South

Down Witheford, almost met Kaipatiki Rd, then veered right along the coast and went all the way to Manuka before turning back. About 7 km. Ever so slightly stiff in the legs so that will be fine for today. I think the dustman was flirting with me; due to his stopping and starting, we passed each other several times near the bend in Manuka Rd, and each time he waved. Nice to see a friendly face.
It occurred to me that I need to be smarter if I want to get on top of the stuff I need to do. I've established that I can walk every day and blog about it a little, keep up with work, clean up after myself and keep the garden watered while also reading a little at night and getting enough sleep. These things keep me sane. The question is: can I also write every day, make art, engage in publishing and marketing, and complete the zillion one-off items on my list, all to my satisfaction? Well, I'll just have to add one thing at a time to the regular habits, I think. Might help, eh?
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