Saturday, 12 December 2015

Walking challenge day 2 - Long Bay

So this morning it was all rainy and murky but I went to the beach anyway, in a raincoat, and it wasn't icky at all. Not even cold, and the sun came out a bit later on. Anyway, I drove to the near end of Long Bay, walked the length of it and some way up into the hills beyond, then turned around when I'd done about 3 km. It was gorgeous. The bush and fields were moody, the sea grey to begin with, the horizon indistinct. But the water embraced my feet as always, the tui pairs were out in full force, and I even saw a baby pukeko, all black and fluffy. No pic of him, I was too slow. Lost the glass cover from my camera screen; the electronic screen beneath is, so far, much more susceptible to fingerprints. Ah well. The thing's nearly 7 years old, it's had a good innings, though I won't ditch it till it's done.
Today's total walk: 7km, and not feeling it a bit, yay!
Also, there's a pic of last night's lemon orange Baileys milkshake. The milkshake maker hadn't been used in years and produced some of that hot oily smell I associated with my grandmother's mixer. Why yes, I did reuse the cup. Which was had over a hot bath and a good book. Books and baths aren't something I generally combine, but this was one of the free ones rescued from the roadside last week.

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