Wednesday, 15 April 2009

  • 08:56 RT: @michaelpokocky: I was driving when an idea hit me and I wrote it in the dust on the dashboard. Later I wrote the 1st 30 pgs to a novel. #
  • 09:01 Good post by @scalzi on #amazonfail followup - I agree: #
  • 09:03 Quotable quote: "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity." ~A.K.A. Hanlon #
  • 10:14 @michaelpokocky I don't have a car but the idea appeals to me! And well done for writing 30 pages right off the bat! That's awesome. #
  • 10:17 @lifeledlearning We get sparrows too - and blackbirds, mynas, pigeons, seagulls. Also fantail, kereru, rosella, silvereye. All on Wiki. #
  • 10:18 RT: @FunnyReview: COOL DESIGN: ¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤ø„¸ „ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨ ``°º¤ø„¸ ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø„¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º ... #
  • 10:44 Motivation and time management tips at Writing Your Book: From Stress to Success #
  • 10:58 @michaelpokocky I think we're all still figuring it out. LOL. But I get valuable input and good links here. Feed to FB & blog is also good. #
  • 11:00 @bumptop how come some of my desktop filenames aren't showing & some are? Both individual files & expanded piles are affected. Still luv it! #
  • 11:05 RT: @Gripnostril: Interesting Twits to follow: #
  • 11:06 RT: @philipnewmannz: The Death of Youtube?? Redesign Coming #
  • 11:12 John Green on the science of time travel: #
  • 11:43 RT: @flyinglens: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill #
  • 12:06 RT: @camytang: Check out my Amish vampire kung fu Asian triad NYT bestseller, a la @CaptCaffeine: #
  • 12:23 All right, time for my walk. See you in an hour - and don't forget to exercise! #
  • 15:06 @lewisbostock oh that sounds cool! is it being recorded? #
  • 15:17 About to start building a book website for @TWCP - starting out with pen and paper as always. Mind-map time! Here we fun! #
  • 19:42 Quick question from current living room situation: If I think Singstar should be illegal, does that mean I'm an introvert? #
  • 20:32 @teachernz Both, i.e. I do not want to sing, nor do I want to hear others singing singstar. But hearing them's the greater of the two evils! #
  • 20:34 @justinflitter @yomcat @rachelkbarnett Phew! I'm not all alone in the world! It was the 80's disc, thank goodness they stopped! #bansingstar #
  • 20:35 Hunted down some simple-but-funky codes for the site I'm building: scrolling text, pauses on mouseover: #
  • 21:08 Ooo! Code for making my link buttons talk! #webdesign #
  • 21:38 @elpie Normally I'd agree, but the site is for a pre-teen audience. Probably just some cool whooshing sound anyway. #
  • 22:35 I'm on a web design high! Javascripts, making animated gifs for a mouseover surprise, sci-fi sound fx - more tomorrow! Night, folks! #
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