Thursday, 7 May 2009

  • 11:53 Appearing late due to work getting in the way. Don't you hate it when that happens! Anyway, cookie baking coming right up. #nzcookie #
  • 11:54 Chip's 2009 Bad Poetry Contest - Win a Lava Lamp! #
  • 12:00 @vavroom Oh goody, then my baking today can get on the way tomorrow and still be on time! #nzcookie #
  • 12:09 @vavroom maybe I could even reuse your packaging, if I open it carefully! #nzcookie #
  • 12:10 Not that I have a shortage of used bubble envelopes. They are taking over my office! #
  • 13:49 @LewisBostock don't say that! I'm seeing it tomorrow! #
  • 13:57 @vavroom I get a lot of books in the mail and have resisted binning the bubble bags so far - they're perfectly all right & I'll use em 1day! #
  • 13:59 The cookie dough has been sculpted and is setting in the fridge prior to slicing and baking. You'll see when I post the video. #nzcookie #
  • 14:02 RT @egtalbot those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it - James Baldwin #
  • 16:04 @Spacegirlnz is that good or bad? #trek #
  • 16:05 @kalena ooo that's good to know. Only 29 more hours till my turn :) #trek #
  • 16:06 cookies are baked and cooling! definitely better than the last lot. pics/vid upcoming. Sometime. #nzcookie #
  • 16:50 @Spacegirlnz coolness! I'm counting the hours! #
  • 16:57 right let's see if I can get that cookie baking video done before I go out! hmm not sure how realistic that this space! #nzcookie #
  • 17:09 - Two layers of dough make the pattern for this chocolate shortbread twirl. #nzcookie #
  • 17:11 - Both variations rolled up, ready to go in the fridge and chill. #nzcookie #
  • 17:12 - Slicing cookies from the rolled dough! #nzcookie #
  • 17:12 - Ready to bake! #nzcookie #
  • 17:13 - Ovenload of twirly chocolate shortbread! #nzcookie #
  • 18:19 Movie nearly done, have to finish it later on though. Off to dinner now! #nzcookie #
  • 22:20 Okay, I finished the baking video for the Cookie Swap - that was fun! It's uploading now. I'll post a link when it gets done. #nzcookie #
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