Thursday, 21 November 2013

Author Spotlight: Adam & Andrea Graham

I met Adam and Andrea online in 2006 while the Lost Genre Guild was forming. Andrea became a critique partner for my first novel, while I read some of hers and her husband’s. It must have been very early on that I read Adam’s draft of Tales of the Dim Knight, and I loved it – comic book action with super-hilarious scenarios. Many years later when I started Splashdown I remembered it and asked if he’d consider working with me. It was my idea to add Andrea’s name on the front, since she’d done so much editing on the project, and anyway, isn’t a husband-and-wife writing team just the coolest thing?

The book has tended to polarise readers – either they love it or they hate it. I think that’s better than a so-so reaction. Adam and Andrea have gone on to self-publish the sequels as well as a number of other things.

So if you appreciate the zany and enjoy a bit of superhero slapstick, check it out!

I’ve visited Adam and Andrea twice at home in Idaho, and we had a great time touring the botanical gardens, fantasy hotel, museum and aquarium.

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