Friday, 22 November 2013

Thor 2 - Movie Review

I have grown to enjoy the Marvel movies over the years, and this one was no exception. There was a LOT of smashing stuff up and battles and such, but it wasn’t the entire story, for which I am grateful. Anyway, there were a bunch of new and challenging situations for our heroes and our villains, and a whole lot of new scenery and effects. This film accomplishes quite a few things that we know we subconsciously wanted to see – Thor getting back together with Jane, Thor and Loki being brothers again, even an almost-nameless intern throwing a Mini is a rather delightful touch. I do feel sorry for Christopher Eccleston having to play such a stereotypical villain with short, trite speeches and most of those in a made-up language. Still, I guess it makes a change for him to be attacking London instead of saving it.
Fun movie, with an ending that implies a lot more to come.

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