Sunday, 17 November 2013

Author Spotlight: P. A. Baines

Paul is one of very few Splashdown authors that I haven’t actually met in person – although I hope to remedy that on my next jaunt to Europe. He lives in Holland, you see, somewhere I’ve not been since I was a tot on tour with my parents.

We met online in 2010, that much I do know. However, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I have absolutely no recollection as to what the venue might have been. Surely a writers’ group of some description.

Paul is the only other Brit on my team – so I enjoy his “proper” spelling and particular sense of wit. At times we have noticed that we write fairly similarly, so this may be a result of the British thing plus science fiction plus literary style and so on. In any case, I covet his input on my own writing.

We’ve had some grand old fun, so we have, in the time of our acquaintance – not least of which, the infamous Anvil Interview conducted by our own Diane Graham. With cheesecake.

Paul’s first book won two medals at the Indie Awards, and we’re nearly ready to publish his second, which blows the framework of the first all to pieces along with your mind. You won’t want to miss it!

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