Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Splashdown Updates

The pile of things to do certainly didn’t get any less during the weeks I’ve been sick, but slowly I’ve begun to attack them. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

·         Cover design for Rob McClain’s Isles of Myst – The concept involves a castle and some Celtic knotwork, and has been going around in my head for most of the year. It proved more difficult than I thought to make it real, but it’s well under way even though it’s not quite ready for the public eye. All in good time!
·         Editing and bits and bobs for Aquasynthesis II. The final stories are in, the narration is complete, and I’m in the process of inserting each tale into the overall manuscript. Then will follow full editing on the piece as a whole. The cover isn’t far off ready either – similar to the first, but coloured differently.
·         Final copyedits on Paul Baines’ Alpha Revelation. The cover is ready here, thanks to Zoe, and there’s not much left to do.
·         Awaiting more actual submissions from authors I spoke to at conferences this year; three New Zealanders (yay!) plus a goodly number from Realm Makers.

Somehow it feels better to look at each of these individually instead of at the humungous “publish three books as soon as possible” – which is also applicable, but these are the steps that will get me there.
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