Tuesday, 9 October 2007

FLASHPOINT - About the author

About the author - Frank Creed

Frank currently works two jobs. He is an associate
at Subaru of Indiana Automotive (builds Subaru engines) and when he finishes at SIA, he devotes
the majority of his waking hours to writing and promoting. Currently he is working on the sequel
to Flashpoint, War of Attrition and working with a small group of authors on other Underground
projects including Role-Playing Game designer Mike Roop on a Flashpoint-based RPG (due for
release in 2008). Frank is an active member of
FaithWriters, a Christian writing group and
participates in weekly writing challenges there.
The Lost Genre Guild™ is a group founded by
Creed to gather writers and artists and promote the lost genre of Biblical speculative fiction (sci-
fi, fantasy, thriller, cyberpunk, end times, time travel, etc. from a Christian world view). There
is a very good definition of Biblical speculative fiction at

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