Wednesday, 10 October 2007

FLASHPOINT by Frank Creed

“It’s just a little book,” I said to myself after opening the package, “I’ll get that read in an hour or so.”

How erroneous.

This “little book” is so chock-full of action that I had to give it far more time than would be usual for one this size. There are some scenes you have to read over again and again, just for that stunning visual effect in your mind. Ever heard of ground-breaking fiction? This is it. Hot stuff! I had to let it sink in for a few days before I could think about writing a review…

Christians on the run from state troopers who are authorised to lock them up. Brother and sister plunged into an underground they never could have imagined. Supernatural powers given to those who believe. Super-technical gadgets combined with holy extra-sensory perception bring the children of the King to their fullest potential. Matrix-style slow-mo bullet-dodging peppered with Bible quotes.

Yes, I can guarantee you won’t have come across anything like this before. Breathtaking action mingles with ultimate devotion, and reality can resemble a video game at times. Or was that the other way round? Hackers surf the cyber-world to outwit security systems. Love is still the greatest power in the universe.

Bursting with vivid neon colours and the sounds of the future, Flashpoint will take you places in your soul you’ve never been before. A treat not just for your mind and spirit, but for eyes and ears as well. A sympathetic array of characters has no other choice but to rely on divine connections to make it through each day.

One interesting aspect is the spiritual and technical reconstruction of the human mind and soul, making it impervious to fatigue, cold, heat, pain, you name it... and aware of the spirit world. If only it were really so easy… but whyever not? Why not combine spirituality with technology to create a super-Christian? This is heavy stuff, and our heroes are challenged beyond anything they’ve ever known before. But – and this is important – they sure do seem to have an immense amount of fun while they’re at it.

A tale that was ten years in the making is certainly something extraordinary. This huge investment of Frank Creed’s time is one that is paying off in the quality of his finished work. Let’s just hope the next one doesn’t take so long!

P.S. In the days immediately after reading this book, I was pursued by brightly-coloured sci-fi dreams, and one night even delivered a package deal: the main plot and concept for a new space-opera novel, complete with four main characters and several key scenes. Quite different to Flashpoint, but seemingly quite full of action. Look out for the Saga of the Seven Planets…

Grace Bridges, reporting from a 747 somewhere over Mongolia, but it's dark, so I can't say for sure... :)
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