Tuesday, 16 October 2007

My Sea

Today I spent some time walking around town, and ended up at a small knobbly hill overlooking an expanse of beach on one side and the city harbour on the other. These are places I've had in mind while writing certain passages in Faith Awakened, although I was far away on the other side of the world when I wrote them. Originally, the story was set in New Zealand, but I shifted it to Ireland when it was half done, to increase global interest and give it a character perhaps more easily recognised by American readers.

Well, anyway, I was there on the beach and the hill, and suddenly I knew I wanted to come back here to live again. It was plainly obvious in the moment I jumped down from the promenade to the rough sand. Because this is my sea. Oh yes, I've seen plenty of sea elsewhere. It's just that it wasn't mine. These are the beaches where I played as a child, where I learned to swim and row. The smell of salt and seaweed hangs heavy in the air, and the wind whips my face and makes me feel alive again.

That's all, really... but I wanted to show you some pictures of my sea.
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