Monday, 22 October 2007

The Best Part of New Zealand

This week I had the chance to visit one of my most favourite places on earth - Great Barrier Island. Not the Great Barrier Reef - that one's thousands of km away in Australia, and we're in New Zealand right now in case you hadn't noticed yet. :P I do wonder if it was the same explorer that named both, and must question his logic... Folk from GBI here in NZ often find that their mail goes to Australia before it gets to them!
Well, anyway, I lived on GBI for a few months in '01 and look back on that time more than fondly. I worked as a volunteer at a Christian camp called Orama, which is where I stayed this time too, of course. It's tucked away in a sheltered valley at the end of a long ocean bay, an hour's drive from the island's main airport.
I took some interesting video footage of the air journeys in a little 5-seater plane - can't upload that at present with the connection speed I have here, but watch for it in a couple of weeks when I get back to Germany.
Anyway - this location's great significance in my life includes the fact that it's where I began writing Faith Awakened. The first thing I wrote in my big hardcover notebook was the title - I knew that right from the start - and here I penned about a third of the original chapters. Not the prologue - that came last year in Germany. But hey. Here's where it began.
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