Wednesday, 31 October 2007

More New Zealand

News - old news and new news...
I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well on my NZ trip - I'm outta here next Friday, but I have plenty of time before then if any of you are in the Auckand area and want to catch up. Guess what - I'm going to be on the radio on Friday!! There's going to be an interview between 10 and 11am on Rhema (Auckland 1251 am - not sure of the other frequencies...) and there will be giveaways if you want to listen out for that.

Later the same day there's an online chat at FabianSpace - 2pm on Friday November 2 for everyone in New Zealand, and for the rest of you, 9pm US-EST on Thursday November 1. It will run for two hours. Yes, New Zealand is 17 hours ahead of you! I think I told some people last week that it was at 4pm, well that was wrong, I'm sorry! I hope you can make it! All you have to do is follow the direct link from, type a username - anything you like, but preferably one I'll recognise you by! - and click the button to enter the chat room. I look forward to "seeing" you there!

here's some more pics to keep everyone happy...

Sheep grazing on an inner-city volcano slope

Auckland city and harbour seen from One Tree Hill at sunset. See those bumpy hills everywhere? They're all volcanoes. We have 63 of them in town...

I went to a wedding on Saturday - this is a church family I know rather well :)

Written in stone, a dedication in paradise (Great Barrier Island again)
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