Thursday, 17 October 2013

Author Spotlight: Caprice Hokstad

Caprice and me go a fair way back, as online friends go: it must have been around 2006 that we met in connection with the Lost Genre Guild, where she is now a trusty co-moderator with me. She's a fabulous and versatile writer, with the rare ability to do full justice to both fantasy and science fiction. I am honoured to include her Ascendancy Trilogy in the Splashdown lineup, and it's an ongoing fight to get her the attention she deserves. Words like diamonds, people. I also enjoy reading her self-published science fiction with a slightly harder edge.

The picture above is from my visit to California last December, and a trip to a nut farm for their festival which included rides on a tractor-train thing. Yep, it was pretty grand weather, but I hear it doesn't change much at all in that area.

If you are even slightly a fantasy or SF reader, you've got to try her books. You won't regret it and they're certainly not the usual fare!

Caprice's Amazon page (Fantasy)
K.J. Blaine's Amazon page (Science Fiction)

Caprice's blog

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