Saturday, 19 October 2013

Feeling like crap

Something has been crreeping up on me these past few days - perhaps I just exhausted myself, but I have been feeling far more drained than ever before. Last night I started getting feverish and that has continued throughout today, though I was able to keep my appointments, but I didn't feel like eating anything and that is most unusual for me. My temperature was a little over 39.5 C (103 F) earlier today. I think I'm going to try sleeping it off and hope I'm well enough to go out for a couple hours tomorrow as well.

Sorry for a bit of an insubstantial blog today, but I honestly don't have the brains for anything better. And perhaps it wasn't a great idea to start King's The Stand last night either, haha. That one might have to wait until the eerily similar symptoms are all gone...
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