Thursday, 10 October 2013

Author Spotlight: Fred Warren

I met Fred in person for the first time in Dixieland, as you can see, last November. Actually this was a restaurant on the fringes of Kansas City. With thanks to Chila for clicking the button.

I've said it many times but it's never more true: Fred did a brave thing when he became the first author to sign on with me and Splashdown Books. His novels are full of whimsy and deepness; and even deeper shadows come out in his short stories, while I've also really appreciated his enthusiasm for the Avenir Eclectia world in which he has been one of the key players from the beginning.

Read The Muse and The Seer if you like funny contemporary fantasy that might just get you in the heart. Read Odd Little Miracles if you like to get creeped out; and read his Avenir stories for space opera sense of wonder. As well as his work with Splashdown, he also has a long list of short stories published elsewhere.

Fred's page at Splashdown Books
Fred's page at Amazon
Fred's blog Frederation

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