Saturday, 12 October 2013

Week in Review

It's been a busy week, but a good one, with lots of things getting done. As of today my car is going again (yay!) though I still need to give it a good scrub, deal with some rust spots, and update the Warrant of Fitness and registration.

I've been reading Stephen King's short stories, and that is quite the intense experience. The suspense is so heavy that it's impossible to linger over words. An admirable quality in a thriller, even if it's not what I would aim at myself.

Translations have kept me busy too, with several jobs coming through from various agencies. On the publishing front, I've done some doodles of Celtic knots for an upcoming book cover, had a number of discussions with authors submitting to Splashdown, brainstormed a new royalty and marketing system with my team, and further clarified my plan for my own writing. Worked some on our next anthology project and also reformatted a couple of full submissions for reading on the Kindle in the weeks to come.

We're getting a new flatmate next week so there have been some preparations to make. I also finished rearranging all of my books into various bookshelves in the lounge, bedroom and hallways, and was pleasantly surprised to find I have several shelves' worth of space available for new books. I must go and check out the secondhand shops again and see what classics I can pick up.

And I've just come back from a laughter-filled evening with friends over archery, food and Balderdash, in which I learned what a twangdillo is, and gained points for some legal items involving Canadians and fresh bear meat. I love that game!
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