Thursday, 10 October 2013

Make Your Own Font

Everyone knows I'm a bit font-obsessed. So of course I'm pretty glad it's easy to make my own fonts when the notion takes me. Simply go to, download their PDF template, print it out, write in the boxes for each letter, scan and upload. The system will process your image immediately, and you can then download and install your very own font - and share it too, if you want. The first considered use is of course to make a font with your handwriting. I've done a few of those with different thicknesses of pens - a Light, a Bold and an Extrabold, if you will. But then there are the design implications. If I couldn't find a suitable font for a design project, I have the option of creating one myself. It's not a science I know a lot about, but this template makes it possible to get fairly good results on the first try. Why not give it a go?
(Preview of the template)

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