Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cookies: Ugly But Good

Apparently this recipe comes from Italy and is known as Brutti Ma Buoni - ugly but good. And they really sounded good in the recipe, as well as being gluten free which was just what I needed today. I don't think they're that ugly - but they sure are good! Here's the recipe:

6 egg whites (mine were small, so I used 7)
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups nuts (I used peanuts)
250g chocolate, melted and partly cooled

Beat egg white till stiff. Add sugar. Beat more till stiffer. Add vanilla, then nuts. Add liquid chocolate, leaving streaks. Use two dessertspoons to drop lumps onto the baking tray with one inch between (about 15 per tray is good). Bake at 170°C/330°F until puffed up and crisp. Makes about 40 cookies.

I baked them on aluminium foil without grease, and they peeled off quite satisfactorily once they were done. Basically they are a Chocolate Peanut Meringue, very light, crunchy/chewy and chocolatey. What more could anyone want?

But I don't get to keep them, as these are headed out as part of the NZ Cookie Swap! I wonder what I'll get in return... :)