Thursday, 6 March 2014

Realm Makers: A Publisher's Excitement

Realm Makers

Realm Makers. Ahhh, what to say? Let's start with some highlights from last year. I could tell you how awesomely cool it is to be in a room with a hundred of my kinda geeks, and how phenomenally Becky organised everything.

The awesomeness of the banquet and costumes.

Getting a bunch of Splashdown Books and Avenir Eclectia authors together for the first time. [Mary Ruth should be in this pic too but she was very busy!]

And of course, the pitch sessions. I don't have photos from those!

For the coming event, I am excited about all of the above happening again. As a publisher, the pitch sessions are incredibly exciting! Some writers are about ready to publish when they come to me with a one-sheet, a synopsis and a sample chapter. Others just have the sample chapter, which is fine, because that is the single most important thing. Some people want to talk about their prospects of publishing with us. For other, newer writers, I love to take a little time and critique a page or two of their sample - so it's important to have it printed out, even if it's a first draft. We can also talk about your story idea and plot, or I can advise you on what's involved in indie publishing if you'd like to go that way. It's YOUR session, so ask me anything you want!

If you're thinking of booking a session with me, PLEASE don't be nervous! I really don't bite and I'm not a big deal, honest. Also, if for some reason you forget to book a session, don't hesitate to nab me in the hallway or over a meal. It may be our only chance to connect and I don't want to miss out!

Some of you may be wondering what the winners will get from my 5-page critiques offered as part of the TARDIS basket and runner-up prizes. I'll give your pages a thorough going-over to the same standard as I would for a book I publish. Depending on your writing experience, this will include different levels of comments and tweaks, from plot and style suggestions all the way to punctuation. It can be a short story or the beginning of a novel - whatever you like. And I can't wait to see them, just like I can't wait to see the samples at Realm Makers.

So don't forget to enter below - and I look forward to seeing you there!

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