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The Interview Collection

(Audio) Interview on New Zealand's Radio Rhema, November 2007 (scroll down)
(Audio) Interview with Darryl Sloan in Ireland, June 2008
(Video) Appearance on North Dakota TV, November 2008
Article in the Underground news, January 2009 (right column)
Interview with the Writing Examiner, November 2009
Interview with the Writing Career Coach, November 2009
Interview with Jeff Gerke at WhereTheMapEnds, February 2010
Interview with T.W. Ambrose at Digital Dragon Magazine, February 2010 (PDF, see page 17)
Interview with LeAnne Hardy at International Christian Fiction Writers, May 2010
Interview by author K. Dawn Byrd, July 2010
Guest appearance at Casey Herringshaw's blog, July 2010
Interview by author Margaret Daley, July 2010
Guest post at Book Readers Central with Janalyn Voigt, August 2010
Guest post at Inkwell Inspirations with Gina Welborn, September 2010
Interview with Lena Nelson Dooley, October 2010
Interview with Shirley Kiger Connolly, November 2010
Interview with Roseanna White, December 2010
A Little More Grace by Diane Graham - Tribute from friends at the New Authors' Fellowship
Anvil Review by Diane Graham & Tribute part 2 at the New Authors' Fellowship
(Audio) Podcast Interview with Flying Island Press, January 2011
Guest Blogs on Genre at Reflections in Hindsight, January 2011:
   - Part 1 - Why I Love Weird Fiction
   - Part 2 - On Writing Weird Fiction
   - Part 3 - On Publishing Weird Fiction: The Story of Splashdown Books
Interview with Grace Thorson at the Christian Scroll, February 2011
FollowFriday at The Nifty Tech Blog, February 2011
Guest Post #1 at Speculative Faith, March 2011 (Diving In With Splashdown)
Guest Post #2 at Speculative Faith, March 2011 (Introducing Avenir Eclectia)
Interview with Greg Mitchell about Avenir Eclectia, April 2011
Anvil Interview with Diane M. Graham at the New Authors' Fellowship, April 2011 
Literary Ninja: International Intrigue at Scita > Scienda, April 2011
Podcast Interview at the Spirit Blade Underground, April 2011
Interview at the Barn Door Book Loft, May 2011
(Audio) Podcast Interview at Holy Worlds, June 2011
Interview at Digital Dragon Magazine about Avenir Eclectia, June 2011
Little Book of Magic - A story about a writer and a Kiwi, by Kat Heckenbach at NAF, July 2011
Interview with Mike Duran on publishing, July 2011
Q & A at Family Fiction, August 2011
Interview with Jennifer Slattery, August 2011, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Interview with H.A. Titus at Magical Ink, September 2011
Little Book of Magic Part II - A short story by Kat Heckenbach at NAF, November 2011
Interview with C. Alan Loewen at the Literary Equine, May 2012

Lost Genre Guild
Grace is one of the moderators for the Lost Genre Guild, a gathering place for all things to do with Christian speculative fiction.

On that page you can find member links, book titles, and feeds of relevant blogs. She is of the firm belief that independent publishing is the way of the future and the immediate answer to the problem of Christian speculative fiction getting its foot in the door.
The Lost Genre Guild is a loose group of writers, readers, reviewers, artists and publishers who discuss all manner of relevant topics in a mailing list. If you want to join (and you really should--if you've read this far you must be just the type!) then please read the Group Information, and just get in touch with Grace.

She also makes a point of reviewing all the Christian spec-fic books she can get her hands on at

Online Life
Grace was introduced to the precursors of the Internet back in the days of DOS and Bulletin Board Systems, then had a crash course at university and has never looked back since. She has had about two dozen email addresses, one dozen homepages, and has built many pages for other people, as well as dozens of social media profiles, most of which now lie dormant. Her favoured time-wasters are now Pinterest and Facebook.

However, that is not where the bulk of the action occurs. As we have already mentioned, there is the Lost Genre Guild, and also the Anomaly forum at WhereTheMapEnds, and regular contributions at the International Christian Fiction Writers blog. In other writing, she has done a sometimes-regular travel column called Kiwi Come Home at the Colorado City News, in which she describes various places she's been.