Comet Born - Serial Novel

Comet Born by Grace Bridges
A Serial Novel appearing monthly at Digital Dragon Magazine

Gases from a comet's tail bestow superhuman powers on the babies born at the moment when it passes through Earth's atmosphere. We follow the stories of five children: Jamie from Ghana, Sarimah from Malaysia, Joelle from New Zealand, and the twins Liam and Kwaku from Ireland. As they grow older, they discover their talents - and their enemies.

At seventeen, they discover each other through hints dropped in an online forum - but they aren't the only ones watching. Mobsters based in Chicago hold another group of Comet Born kids underground, experimenting on them in search of the secret to their powers - while their families are held to ransom to ensure their cooperation.

But a friend on the inside takes up their cause in secret, and the free Comet Born go undercover in that most international of cities: Jerusalem.

Follow their stories along with me:

1: First Breath
What is it like to be born and understand the world immediately? To have abilities you don't know are unusual, until they get you in trouble when you've barely left your mother's womb?

2: School Boys
Our young heroes Jamie, Liam and Kwaku in Dublin and in Ghana deal with punishment and bullies in their own particular ways.

3: Girl Power
Sarimah in Malaysia has been hiding from her own strength. Joelle in New Zealand discovers hers by accident. For both of them, life will be different from now on.

4: Not Alone
Remarks dropped in an online forum lead to a first contact between the Comet Born across the globe.

5: Web Shadows
Connections continue to be made, but someone is watching very carefully from Chicago...

6: Warning Signs
An ally in the enemy camp - Icarus makes himself known, and the others realise the danger that exists if their real names are discovered.

7: Imminent Departures
Liam hits on the perfect location to meet up with the others, and with his help via email, Joelle convinces her mother to let her go.

8: Impossible Hopes
Sarimah discusses with Aizat why she can't possibly go to Israel, and Jamie breaks the news of his leaving to his surprised parents after applying for a passport.

9. High Flying  
Joelle says farewell to New Zealand, and Icarus is placed in danger by dodgy medical procedures.

10. Rough Landing
Liam and Kwaku experience an adventure aboard a beleaguered passenger jet.

11. Transition Flux
Icarus gets a talking-to after mistreatment and then has a peculiar dream.

12. Incoming Heroes
Joelle meets Liam and Kwaku in Tel Aviv, but it's not safe to rest yet...

13. Close Call
Sarimah and her mother are in danger and must leave town in a hurry.

14. New Horizons
Liam, Kwaku and Joelle make their way to Jerusalem, and Carl picks a fight with Icarus.

You can also get the first ten in one file (PDF): Comet Born episodes 1-10