Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fontspotting: Unknown but cool, popular on drinks

I noticed this font on a beer bottle in Rarotonga - the local brand, Matutu - and then realised it was very much like the one on our homegrown Lemon & Paeroa bottles. I pointed it out to my brother and cousin at the restaurant table, and they proceeded to recognise it and also take pictures of it. What can I say, fontspotting runs in the family...

(Of which there is incidentally also a chocolate version. Yes, it's fizzy.)

It is also suspiciously similar to the one that appears at WhatTheFont (WTF?), a site I often use to identify fonts...even ones I've used myself and forgotten the name of :P Anyway, their instructional infographic looks like this:

Okay, not exactly alike, but pretty similar characteristics...
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