Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Science Fiction Reading Challenge

I write science fiction. Everyone who knows me knows that. It’s also very true that in order to write well, one must also read well. So I’m always really interested when I come across those “Top 100” lists around the web. Some of them seem a bit dodgy, like when they name a book at one position and then its entire series at another. But there are other lists. Some voted by tens of thousands of readers. Some listing the Hugo Award winners since itsinception. I think I should pay attention to those lists. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only read about 20% of both the Hugo list and the Top 100 SF.  So I’m going to do something about that, and I’ll take you along for the ride if you stick around. I want to take note of my impressions, the things I notice as a writer, the things I can learn from them—and who knows, maybe I’ll come across common concept types, themes and qualities. Crack the Hugo Code. Yeah, sounds good.
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