Friday, 30 August 2013

The enemy that won't let me fight it

Lethargy has a power almost equal to that of entropy.

It is, at times, an unstoppable force of nothingness. I hate it; it is my great enemy in life. We have battled many times but too often I have lost. The villain is both faceless and inside of me. These things add up to a very unfair fight.

Lethargy can be more than just a lack of motication. It also brings along a heavy dose of self-doubt. It tells me there's no point, I'm not making any difference, my writing is no good, and so on. Now on a good day I know those things aren't true, but if something's gone wrong already and I'm not up to par, lethargy can get a foothold. And by its very nature it keeps me from fighting it. What to do? Oh, I have plenty of options - go for a walk, do some actual work for money, that sort of thing. They don't always work to kick me into gear.

And so I fight on, wearying by entropy as the lethargy takes its grip...
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