Friday, 16 August 2013

Writing Update, August 2013

I’ve got a bunch of projects on the go right now, so I thought I’d give you a rundown. On the “all mine” side is everything Avenir. I have a 12-part serial that just needs some clearing up of logical inconsistencies (with thanks to Travis for the help!) and then I also have the novel project, Pride and Prejudice in Space, which I’ll probably also attack as a serial for motivational purposes. All of this Avenir stuff will likely be self-published after proper edits.

On the “I have a publisher!” side (yay!), the 2 books contracted to Port Yonder Press are complete and under edits by the fabulously uncompromising Chila Woychik. However, we recently realised that those two books fall towards the end of the timeline I’m writing, as there’s also Cyberdublin—a manuscript I wrote five years ago in Ireland, whbich goes back two generations before the events in A Guildswoman’s Dream (formerly known as Faith Awakened—more on the reasons for that in another post).

So my immediate plan of attack is to revisit Cyberdublin, brush it up to best quality, and if it’s good enough, Chila might publish it under PYP as well. Then I can start thinking about its sequel Space Brain, any possible tales of the following generation, and after that, some origin stories that take us up to the beginning of A Guildswoman’s Dream and A Guildswoman’s Journey (which both run in approximately the same timespan).

Oh, and if Cyberdublin isn’t “good enough”? I think I’ll work on it until it is. Because, you know, there’s not much point otherwise.
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