Friday, 23 August 2013

Faith Awakened becomes A Guildswoman’s Dream: What’s Changing

Readers of Faith Awakened will notice many familiar things about A Guildswoman’s Dream. It is essentially the same story, about the same people, told in different events and different words. Once I knew I had to redo it, I began with a hard look at my reviews, finding the things readers thought I could have done better. I tried to hit them all, insofar as I agreed.

I changed the voice from first person to third, and past tense throughout. A technicality—but I write better that way now and it’s easier to read. Where I had been vague in places, I got a lot more specific. Indeed, the whole initial plotline has been tweaked and beefed up with additional action.

The main change is that Mariah’s undercover group is no longer a persecuted church, but a clandestine food co-op. It makes so much more sense to stay close to the theme of hunger and survival. Most religious content has been removed, though the characters may still utter a prayer in their day of desperation—but who wouldn’t? Fact is, I want this to reach beyond the goldfish bowl of “Christian fiction”. So yes, I felt free to have my characters swear a tad bit more when their situations warranted it.

I know there will be some of you who love the old version and are sad at the changes. But think back to the story. Weren’t there so many places you wanted more details? Well, you’re getting them now. I just feel privileged to be able to revisit my first novel, fix its shortcomings, and bring it up to where I am now both personally and as a writer—with the help of a highly competent editor.

The old version, Faith Awakened, will likely be available used for years even after A Guildswoman’s Dream comes out, however, if you want to read the companion volume A Guildswoman’s Journey, it does link in to the new edition rather than the old.

Life is change, and I’m excited to make this story better than it’s ever been.
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