Sunday, 18 August 2013

Grace Odyssey 2013: Fiasco I

My airport face after 7 hours of layover

I could have called it “a cacophony of endurance”, and it would be true. I must have read that phrase in a book, or made it up, which I readily admit is less likely. Either way, those three words together are not something any writer can use more than once in a career and still be taken seriously. I’ve probably used way more than my quota just in social media. Ah well, there goes the reputation.

I am on a long journey. I can say that in public, because there are a lot of people who live in my house. A great side benefit of having flatmates—I don’t have to be all secretive about my travels. Hey, there’s actually one room available at present, so keep that in mind if you come across someone looking for digs in Glenfield. Anyway, I seem to have gotten back around to where I started, but I’ve written long enough for this one. Guess I’ll tell you about the Odyssey Fiasco next time.
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