Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hold it! Too many posts!

What the heck is that girl doing? I know, I can hear you all the way over here. I hear the scepticism too, I have some myself—I’ve tried blogging regularly before, tried and failed many times. But I think I was looking at it the wrong way, as if every post had to be a well-thought-out article of good length, and, well, that’s no fun to write. Not to me. I mean, really. Back to school, anyone? I hated essay writing more than just about anything.

So I’m going to stick to short posts, random thoughts, unprocessed spilling of guts, and I’m going to keep it fun. Of course I’ll often circle back around to topics of writing and books—I can never get away from who I am, and you won’t either if you hang around—but I also expect to be posting plenty of Doctor Who memes, my own photography, funny animals, fontspotting, perhaps an occasional poem or videoblog, and certainly some little tales of life in New Zealand. Because it’s a cool place and you all want to hear about it, right? Personally, I think you should all move here. I get sad living so far from so many of my friends (kicks self. Get back on track!).

Anyway, hold tight. This should be fun!
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