Sunday, 25 August 2013

Home Again - Library Swag

The weary traveller returns home. I am particularly glad to do so this time - it's been a rough week. Suffice it to say that a bout of food poisoning along with sunburn and a couple dozen mozzie bites are still making themselves felt. Of course I will post soon about Rarotonga, too. Very interesting place.

Yesterday I got out to the library and picked up the above collection. I had intended to look for stuff from the Top 100 list, but nothing was to be had in my local branch. I placed a number of requests so they will be brought in from elsewhere in the city by next month or thereabouts. In the meantime, I did find these items by the same authors. I do like Larry Niven, have read a few by Heinlein before and a bit of Stephen King, but Anne McCaffrey and China Mieville are new to me. No, the Doctor Who book isn't a classic, I just happened upon it by accident and, well, you know...

A bit sad that they had nothing by Clarke or Bradbury at all. Well, with 55 libraries connected to the city's circulatory system, I suppose the chances are pretty high that the handful of copies will be elsewhere at any given moment. These here will do me until the requests start coming in, anyway. I'll be posting wee comments here as I get through them - I've started with Embassytown.
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