Saturday, 7 June 2014

Realm Makers: The Friday

After a coffee-induced night of too little sleep for the third night out of four, I arose and met Kat and Teddi downstairs for the walk to breakfast. I'm sure we must have chatted, but the content slips my mind... It was just awesome to be in the presence of people like these.

It was time for the refectory to introduce itself to us. And what an offering. That may be the best conference food I've ever had. Enough said? I don't usually do breakfast but for this I made an exception.

Back over to our auditorium for the opening of the grand event. I was a little nervous as I needed to address the crowd right before Tosca's keynote, but it wasn't half so bad as all that. And then Tosca wowed us with a crowd-pleasing fandom-raving pep talk. Uh huh. We have the best stories.

After that, it was time to split off. I didn't hear many of the lectures at all, because I was out meeting with people for appointments - whether for book pitches, critiquing or mentoring, or just to talk about publishing in general. That's what I came to do, so I was delighted to spend time with so many attendees.

When the sessions ended in the late afternoon, it was time to head back to the dorm and suit up for the evening costume banquet. Yay! I love this picture so much I have to post it again.

And I'm happy to say, I did it the Janeway.

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