Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Saga of the Shoes

When I left home I decided to bring my newer sandals. Big mistake. They gave me about three blisters just walking from the airport to the train station in San Francisco.

So the next day, Kathleen kindly took me by a shoe place and I grabbed some sandals that seemed to fit really well. Memory foam sole! Backless, so no chance of heel blisters!

I wore those for most of a week, all around campus at Realm Makers except for when I was being Captain Janeway and had to wear the boots. Turns out walking from the dorm to the conference centre and back in those boots - twice - gave me heel blisters.

So fine. I switched back to the Californian sandals. And they were fine until Tuesday, when I went for a long walk on the back roads of Winston Salem. Somehow after a week they decided to give me blisters: I think about five of them in different forward-facing places, though admittedly none on the heel.

That evening Zane kindly took me to a shoe place where I snagged what I thought would be good walking shoes. But when I walked around the block in them next day - no go. Heel blisters, though the toes were okay.

On Friday I paced around the house so much that I got in a fair bit of my mileage. Then with Ann's encouragement I took back the new blister-causing pair and swapped them for some sneakers just like the ones I have at home. Yeah. Hoping for much better luck from here on out, because how am I supposed to do my 10,000 steps if my feet hurt?

Blister count: Six on the left and three on the right, not counting one on each heel from the original sandals on day 1, which have subsided by now. Dear Asics, please be good to me now!

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