Friday, 6 June 2014

Realm Makers: The Thursday

Yesterday I filled you in on just what it looks like to spend 17 hours flying in from New Zealand for a weekend conference. Now it's time to dive into the main event!

Becky drove us through Philadelphia, a trip that seemed to take forever but was probably a lot closer to a half hour. Remember I'd only slept about 2 hours that night, if that. We arrived at the Villanova campus and found our way to all the places we needed to be.

I tried to doze on Becky's dorm apartment couch, but it was somehow too cold for that, and I gave up about the time she came to tell me we were going to lunch. I joined in over at the university cafeteria and greeted several of the Splicketeers and others who had already arrived - I was however still spaced out and probably not fit for human company.

Soon after that, we were back at the dorms and helping stuff the registration packs. As soon as the dorm rooms were opened I ducked away and slept almost-properly for almost a couple of hours. When I emerged again, the lobby was full of Our People and there followed a kaleidoscopic whirl of meet and greet, new friends and old, whether met or unmet previously.

At some point there was Faculty Pizza and yet more greetings. Honestly, the greetings just become the most important thing at this point. Hugs were the order of the day. Milling around catching sight of familiar faces, running over to grab people, and so on.

The Splickety pre-party kicked off in the next room at seven. The icebreaker games were a lot of fun, however I slipped out after that to continue conversations with new arrivals. I had been sipping an espresso shot, not particularly smart at that time of night, but at least I was mostly awake for the duration. However, I was also awake long after I needed to be. I guess that meant I didn't miss anything...

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