Monday, 9 June 2014

Realm Makers: The Saturday

A good night's sleep for once - wow. I promptly responded to the gaps in my schedule by tapping shoulders and telling people they should come and see me today. Most did, which was wonderful, getting to meet and talk with folks I'd only seen peripherally before now. Of course there isn't time to spend with everyone, but I was determined to do my best.

I did manage to catch a couple of lectures - I'm all mixed up as to which day they were on! There was Lisa's on steampunk, Travis's on combat, and Kat's on YA. All very good and so completely different, a good showcase of the enormous variety of people we had on hand.

Classes ended for the day and people milled around before going to dinner. It was early yet, so I elected to head back to the dorm and change into Janeway again - because honestly, where else can I wear it?

I returned to the refectory and ordered a sandwich from two Trekkies at the wrap bar, who knew all about it. Some folks from another conference also gave me a wave. I tell you, putting on the Captain's clothes really gave me a remarkable sense of authority which I kinda liked a lot!

Back in the auditorium for the booksigning. This was a very relaxed affair where we mostly just hung out and chatted and took yet more photos. Nobody wanted it to end, but eventually the venue wranglers had to throw us out.

We walked slowly over to the dorms. I spent a pleasant hour (?) chatting in Kat and Teddi's apartment with Lisa visiting as well. Didn't want to leave - very nearly cried - then went and joined the remnants in the lobby for more strange conversations. Needless to say, it was LATE when I got done.

Loads more pics at if you haven't seen them yet...

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