Thursday, 5 September 2013

An entertaining night

Last night I travelled far in my dreams, and even saw something very like this picture. Let me tell it in order, as far as possible, for it is well known that we remember dreams in reverse!

At the beginning, in the part that I can barely remember at all, I was at a conference in a swanky hotel. I was sharing a room with an unfamiliar person with a broken wrist who left before the event was over, so I had the room to myself; but I was at the reception desk trying to get transferred to one with a bigger bed.

Walking around outside I noted that the building was blue and rather old-worldy European in style. I also saw Percy Blakeney (as played by Anthony Andrews in 1982 or thereabouts) wandering the gardens and somehow knew that the hotel belonged to him. Then half the building fell down, but in a moment it was back in place.

I went to the dining room and someone asked me if I had brought the milk. I'm not sure if I had, but I was surprised it was necessary. Looking out the window I was able to see a wide harbour below. It was a beautiful scene, with the water and the city glinting red-gold in the dusky light. A Singapore Airlines jet flew past quite low and close, it must have just taken off.

Then suddenly the dining room was IN the jet cabin, and we flew off into the sunset.

I guess that's what my brain looks like on the inside. I have flown with Singapore Airlines a fair few times, to be sure. Conferences are often on my mind since I went to two in recent months. The broken wrist must be a relic from rewatching The Angels Take Manhattan (poor River!). Milk is always important, as is travel. Certainly a hotch-potch of ideas to wake up with :)
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