Sunday, 22 September 2013

Daily Doctor: The Stone Rose (review)

Hanging out at Mum's house today, we came across this book. I ended up sitting down and reading it cover to cover in about an hour and a half. These tie-in novels always seem to look bigger than they actually are - I think it's the chunky hard covers and thick paper. Certainly makes for a nice collector's piece.

Anyway, it was a pretty good read, if a bit light and fluffy as these things tend to be. The premise goes that Mickey finds a 2000 year old statue of Rose in a museum, which launches her and the Doctor on a mission to get the statue made. The answer to that mystery is a bit of an "awww!" moment! There are a couple of genuine tear-jerking scenes and plenty of the usual randomness as the Doctor gets thrown to the lions in ancient Rome (this was actually a distraction from the main plot!) and a machine from the 24th century displaces a teenager.

There is an audiobook read by David Tennant. Curious, I listened to a sample, only to discover that narrated sections are read in his own Scots, while dialogue is in character accents. It's a rather head-shaking mixture. The Doctor is the Doctor, of course, but the impressions of Mickey, Rose and Jackie are pretty darn impressive, too. I didn't get to a part with ancient Romans, I wonder how he read them?
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