Thursday, 5 September 2013

Local/Tech - Kiwi app converts DNA into music

Have you ever felt the need for a theme tune that defines you completely? Look no farther. All you need is an iPhone and a certain little app that will convert your DNA attributes into a melody. The NZ Herald reports:
Created by MEA Mobile, the iDNAtity Audio app lets users create a DNA profile by uploading a photo of their face and then filling in details about hair, skin and eye colour.
Users are then asked a series of questions, such as whether they can roll their tongue, whether they have cheek dimples and whether they have fixed ear lobes.
The app crunches all the data, spits out a DNA code and converts it into song.
Check out the whole article here.

So of course it doesn't actually test your DNA, but ascertains the aspects from these questions. I'm not convinced this really works in the manner stated - however, it's definitely interesting to think about.
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